Welcome to the New Mexico Mass Choir!






The New Mexico Mass Choir was established in 2004 under the direction and divine vision of Minister Arthur Williams. Not Affiliated with any particular church, this multi-cultural and diverse religious demographic choir is comprised of approximately 50 members, who reside in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Although the music style is primarily gospel, the NM Mass Choir has a musical diversity that includes, contemporary, patriotic, and bilingual songs. New Mexico Mass has performed in several churches in the Midwest (Chicago, IL and Benton Harbor, MI), in ministries in the Southwest, in correctional facilities, in weddings, in theatrical plays, and most recently at the state capitol in Santa Fe. We are non-profit organization under the 501 (c) IRS tax code.


Our founder and leader Arthur Williams moved from Chicago to Albuquerque and started his God-given vision of starting up a large multi-cultural gospel choir made up of individuals from all backgrounds and from different parts of the United States. Our ordained purpose is to spread God's message through diversified forms of gospel music not only here in the Southwest - but throughout the nation and the world. We are a growing family and we support one another through song, prayer, encouragement, and the study of God's word. Join us and become a part of this international ministry to reach the lost through diverse music.